About Me

So Like… Who Do You Know Here?

My name is Carlie, a lot of people call me Carl sometimes Carls but for the sake of gender confusion and avoiding offending someone in this god forsaken decade, let’s go with Carlie. I’m a 23 year old with the heart of a child, the joints of the elderly (totally irrelevant lmao) and the attitude of literally no one because there isn’t a soul on this earth that could compare to me.

I recently graduated with my Bachelor’s degree and have somehow made it out of my undergraduate career without getting arrested and somehow transitioned a full time job this quickly….I guess this is also a good time to point out that regardless if you’re reading this blog because you’re one of my close friends and I’ve forced you to, you’re some loser ass girl who was a bitch to me in college and still searching for a reason to not like me (keep searching), or you’ve stumbled here by complete mistake (please stick around), everything on this blog will stay pretty high level for the most part in terms of real personal identifiers of my own life, or anyone else’s…. So yeah, Bachelor’s degree… full time job. We’ll leave it at that.

Anyway, back to my favorite subject-Me. I’m not only a retired sorority girl, but also a retired sorority president so you could say my Panhellenic experience really is enough to write a years worth of blog posts in itself (literally those girls made my hair thin), but to make matters even better, the combination of ex-sorority girl, somehow regularly stumbling in the stickiest of situations, and being funny as fuck should make this little blog/passion project of mine not only something to keep me sane and distracted from my own shit show of a life, but probably entertaining for all of you. Fair warning, this website is not for the faint of heart; I’m bold, I’m blunt, I’m blonde, and probably better than you; but don’t let my vulgar humor and ruthless nature scare you off (yet). This is all for fun (until it’s not but whatever lmao).

Honestly, my sole intent of this blog is to take my love for writing and put it to some other use than getting a few laughs from my ‘Finsta’ followers about the stupid shit I do on the weekends, the enemies I would love to expose but never have the balls to (yet), or the current half ass relationship I’m in at the time.

All jokes aside, I guess this is moreso a space to put my thoughts into words and maybe teach at least one person out there to not take life so damn seriously; And hey, if that one person is me, that’s cool too.

Stay tuned for my next entry.

Until then, stay blonde, and stay better than everyone;*


Carlie Bradshaw


  1. You didn’t force me to read this, I wasn’t a bitch to you in college and I didn’t stumble here by mistake.
    Please edit this post and include me.
    Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

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