Just The Tip(s)

Will U B My Valentine?¿ Lol Jk.

Lmfao alright this one might piss some people off but someone has GOT to say it…

I swear to God I’ve received more invitations to hangout next Friday than I’ve received on any other date on the damn 2020 calendar thus far. You’re probably thinking: wow pop off sis, you get those dates- No. These have come from my fellow single friends to ask me to partake in going out and getting drunk with them to “forget” the holiday- and so I just got a few things to say.

You guys why are we stressing out about Valentine’s day? ….

No like actually someone tell me why.

Right now.

I think I’ve had the same mindset about Valentine’s day when I was in a relationship to now and I’m totally okay with it, and that’s this: February 14th is literally just another day. If we want to get technical and annoying- sure, Valentine’s day is a single 24 hour period where people celebrate the love they have for someone else. But who’s to say who the fuck that has to be…? Go hug your mom or something. Take yourself out to dinner, damn. I’m sorry but there are 364 other days in this year and I highly doubt you’re wigging the fuck out like this any other day about your relationship status.

Tbh it’s just really not that serious. So yes, have your ‘Galentine’s day’, do something with your time, duh, it’s a Friday; but please, I beg, stop making next weekend about loathing yourself for not having a boyfriend. What exactly are you missing out on my friend? Having someone to buy you some overpriced ugly stuffed animal from Hallmark and shitty creamsicle flavored chocolates that you aren’t even going to eat because who the fuck consumes chocolate from CVS? (if you do hmu so I can refer you to my therapist tho lol)

In case you weren’t aware, or forgot, Valentine’s day is actually so fucking stressful. You can barely get a reservation legit anywhere besides like where? Red Lobster? Red Robin? Like ok come on fuck off. You and your significant other stress out so hard about what to get each other and want so bad for the other person to like what you got them, you don’t even really care what you receive. (By the wayyyy V-Day gift guides are up next ;)) Okay and also having a fully developed food baby inside of you along with the entire bottle of wine you consumed at dinner makes Valentine’s day sex so uneventful and lame so relax

Long story short ladies (and dudes if you soft)- stop stressing out about February 14th and start stressing out about something more worth your time.

There, I said it.

I’ll let you guys know how many invites for next weekend get revoked after this post. Lol.


Carlie Bradshaw

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