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Hot Girl Fall 2020: My Fall “Lookbook”

What’s up suburbia and welcome to Fall 2020. Along with most of you, I really didn’t think we would even be able to LEAVE our houses for the remainder of the year, but here we are, masked up, and braving the outside world just to feel something.

Disclaimer: This post does not condone or promote the disregard of social distancing. Although most geographical locations no longer have a Stay at Home order, necessary safety precautions should still be practiced at this time.

AKA: It might be hot girl fall but keep your god damn distance. Let’s be honest though, we’re leaving our homes a lot more then we were before and while we’re at it we might as well dress to ~impress~ while we can before the governor shoves us back into our houses just in time for the first wave of seasonal depression to hit.

Idk about you people but personally I feel like I’m in a big transitional period in my life. Recently I’ve done a lot of self-reflection on who I am as a person, my thought process, my values, as well as my appearance. Going from full isolation this spring to being able to socialize again this summer- I feel as though I have a slightly fresh perspective. A part of that fresh perspective for me has also been owning a personal style that I’m confident in and can feel good about. Thinking back to a year ago, I was in the shittiest mental state, tied up in an unhealthy relationship, not really surrounding myself with the greatest of people, and not taking care of myself. Now, I feel a lot better internally, which has slowly but surely been leading to all the external stuff. In the past, I would stop myself from going out, from saying yes to plans, dates, hanging out with people, etc. because I didn’t feel all that great in my own skin. You might think that what you wear has little to do with overall confidence, productivity, or your mood, but if you think that- you’re wrong asf.

I haven’t stopped swiping my credit card since the second week of March and totally missed the opportunity to throw together a summer outfit post. With that being said, I figured I would show you guys some of the fall fits I’ve put together to make myself feel a little less like a foot and to actually start showing up to my life again instead of just literally getting dragged through it! *Golf claps*

When putting this together I tried to think of things that were easy to find or pieces that many of you bitches probably have (or something similar to) in your own closets. I am by no means a personal stylist I just spend all my paychecks on shoes and sweaters so take my advice as you will.

Fit #1:

Thought we’d start out with something casual and easy. I really like this outfit because it plays with muted colors, but the pants bring something spicy to the overall look without being obnoxious. My sweater is completely plain, oversized, and cropped which I’ve also paired with a black simple bralette so I could wear the sweater off the shoulder (~scandalous~). The black and white checkered high waisted pants have a stretchy waistband which makes them really flattering and the pattern of the pants makes for a more thoughtful look than just plain black or blue jeans would offer. You could really wear any type of shoe with this outfit but I chose the tennies because they’re a muted mauve and bring a touch of femininity into the dark colors on top. Love this one, super comfy, easy, and trendy.

Fit #2:

Okay love this one because it’s simple and comfortable but you can dress it up or down as you choose. These ‘paper bag’ type dresses are really popular right now and since I chose to purchase it in black, I now have a dress for multiple seasons (except winter… please don’t fucking wear shit like this in the winter so help me god). The slightly capped sleeves make this one appropriate for fall without being too warm and the length hitting right above the knee makes this appropriate for events where there are attendees over the age of 40 without looking like a total nun. I paired this one with a black basic hat because- well… I fucking love hats and tall suede boots to give my legs some length considering my 5’3” stature leaves me pretty close to the ground without at least a baby heel. This look would also be super cute with short booties and some sort of leather jacket if you felt like layering. Love this one- very much a “going to a dinner I don’t feel like getting ready for but still want to look cute” type vibe.

Fit #3:

Before I get into anything else, I just want to publicly announce that if I could marry these boots I seriously would- I am obsessed with them and I think I find an excuse to wear them any time I can. My go-to ensemble for day frolicking activities in the fall usually ALWAYS looks something like this- a graphic t-shirt of some kind, leather jacket, boyfriend jeans, booties, and one of my 120,534 hats. If you do not own these staple items, please visit your local Nordstrom because idk how you’ve made it this far. Not only is this outfit super comfortable, but it looks like you spent more time than you really did on an outfit that probably took you 5 minutes to throw together with pieces you’ve owned and overlooked for years. We love simplicity with pretty accents.

Fit #4:

Coming from someone who is very much so on the shorter side, tiny on top, and packing absolute fucking heat in my overly muscular thunder-thighs, I’m not a huge lover of basic fall fashion considering it’s a lot of loose fitting, oversized attire that I tend to drown in and look like a stumpy, fat rat. My solution to this problem is the ever so lovely tight fitting turtleneck. If you do not own a turtleneck of this nature in at LEAST two colors, then you are doing something incredibly wrong. A turtleneck tucked into jeans or fun pants is so trendy and cute for the fall/winter months all while still glorifying the femininity of your body without the crop tops or bodysuits that we left behind in the summer.

Fit #5:

My dad thinks this outfit looks like ~Autumn~ and I agree considering this is the most basic fall outfit I have in my closet lol. Light wash jeans paired with any fall colored sweater, a pair of boots and an oversized hat screams: “inject my veins with hard cider right tf now”. I say this because I wore this exact outfit to the cider mill less than a week ago and received many ~compliments~ on my fall attire. I love tucking part of my sweater into the top of my jeans as seen in this photo to combat my issue I explained in outfit #4’s description to remind the world that I indeed do have a body somewhere beneath this oversized clothing, lol.

Fit #6:

We’re ending this fall outfit post on a dressed down note because I realized not every person loves to wear booties, obnoxious hats, dresses, and busy patterned pants; so to all my casual gals: this one’s for you. I have been in a long-term relationship with this hat since last winter and have to say it is my favorite accessory to date. Fall fashion doesn’t always need to be super obvious or over the top, and sometimes just staying in a monochromatic color scheme can get you further than you think. If you don’t own a long cardigan like this one then please get one because once you do you can pair it with just about any crop top, t-shirt, tank top, long sleeve, and turtleneck in your closet for all chilly months of the year. Layering is the easiest way to say “I tried” but not feel overly dressed for something or uncomfortable. Still holding true to my light wash jeans comment from before, I don’t think the tans and browns of this outfit would look as pulled together without the contrast of the light jean. Finally, the cheetah print flats give off just the slightest bit of personality without being tacky or out of bounds. This fit gives me major lazy weekend vibes- Alexa, play ‘Sunday Morning’ by Maroon 5; thanks.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this brief walk through my closet and can hopefully gain some inspiration for your own fall wardrobe during this weird year we are having. Remember- personal style is all subjective, wear what you feel good in, look good in, and allude confidence in. Strut the suburbs for your first weekend in fall ladies and send in your fall fits YOU’VE been luving.

Until next week,


Carlie Bradshaw  

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