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May Your Brow Game Be Strong & Your Monday Be Short: My Microblading Review

Good morning Suburbia and happy mother fucking MONDAY.

I don’t know about any of you, but last week was actually the longest fucking week of my gd life which is annoying as hell considering it was four measly days… Before we get too involved in our busy work weeks this time around, I wanted to get this post up so I can turn you on to something you never knew you wanted, but something you definitely need.

Ladies today we are talking the art (literally) of ~Microblading~.

For as long as I’ve worn makeup, I have been filling my eyebrows in with a sketchy brown powder and an angled brush. Considering I shamelessly embarrass the hell out of myself every week on this god forsaken site, it’s no surprise that I’m taking this time to make fun of all my archived eyebrow trends so you can all get the full effect as to why I dropped money on this beauty enhancement.

Taking the photo below into account, I am wholeheartedly convinced I used a piece of tin foil as a mirror my Freshman year of college because your girl looked like a clown just about every time she left the house. Please don’t let the questionable winter wear take away from the point I am desperately trying to make that is: ‘what the fuck was drawn above my eyelids?!’ RIP to this look, may she never resurrect. Amen. 3/10.

Moving on.

Unfortunately my Sophomore year did not bring any less disappointment just another shape from hell on my face. Although I used actual mirrors this year of college and learned how to dress, my eyebrows unfortunately still resemble two angry twin sperm cells. God bless her. 4/10.

Last, but absolutely NOT least- my FAVORITE trainwreck of an eyebrow phase has to go to my senior year of college. The space between my eyebrows is about as thin as the patience I have right now for whatever look I was attempting to achieve in 2017. Someone seriously needed to tell me to leave some room for Jesus because man I am praying I never make the mistake like leaving .5 of a centimeter between my eyebrows for as long as I am living on God’s green earth. This was not only atrocious but borderline scary. Literally -3/10, goodbye.

As you can see, I’ve gone through the many thin stages, thick stages, super sharp stages, and the gag-worthy rounded stages all to end up a decade later finally saying fuck it- I’m getting this shit tattooed on. Putting a permanent tattoo on your face is super fucking scary to even consider, but trust me when I tell you, this has been the best money, time, and energy I’ve ever spent.

Your first step in considering this procedure is to find a Microblader in your area that is not only experienced but also trustworthy. I had zero doubts in my mind when choosing Shay Alsaid (Instagram: @shayalsaid) as my Microblading artist for this process; and with the results and testimonial I’m sharing with you all today- I hope you can CLEARLY see why.

Like any beauty enhancement procedure, a consultation was performed (virtually of course) this past May. I received a bit of feedback, answers to my initial questions, as well as a quote for moving forward with this process. Once the world opened back up a bit, I made my initial appointment this past June.

The appointment lasted about three hours which began with having a conversation about the current state of my brows. I was able to completely voice my own opinions and Shay was able to give me feedback and suggestions on various directions we could go in terms of shape, length, color, and thickness.

Once she fully examined my face and got a better grasp on what it was I was looking for with my end result, she was able to tweeze my brows and physically map out where she would be adding in hair strokes onto my face.

The mapping process ended up being the longest duration of the session which in my opinion is what makes Shay stand out from other Microblading artists in the area. She wants you to feel as comfortable as possible with what your brows are going to look like as an end result. This extra step and attention she paid to me as a client is truly when I knew I completely trusted her to put a tattoo on my face lol. Once I was entirely satisfied with the shape, a numbing cream was applied to my brows (see the super-hot photo below). The cream sits on the face for around 15 minutes and ensures that once the actual blading process begins, you won’t feel a thing whatsoever.

Once I was completely numbed, the actual Microblading process finally begun. I am surprised but happy to report to you all that this process genuinely did not hurt. I experienced a slight bit of bleeding but other than being able to hear my own skin being ripped through, the entire blading process was enjoyable. I can honestly say my end result was absolutely amazing (see video below). Coming from someone who always had an insecurity over their eyebrows growing up, this was something that lifted my confidence immensely and immediately and a service I would suggest to anyone who has felt the same regarding their eyebrows to get done.

For two weeks after this procedure, there were a few important aftercare essentials I was required to follow such as avoiding direct sunlight, using Aquaphor regularly to ensure my brows would not dry out, taking proper precautions when it came to washing my face, sweating, swimming, and avoiding various climates that would affect the healing process.

After about a month of my initial appointment, it was required to schedule a follow up so that the brush strokes could be darkened and gone over a second time. After this process, the same two-week aftercare was required to be met once more to ensure the Microblading results would be long-lasting. 

Present-day, I have yet to pick up an eyebrow brush since the beginning of this summer. If you have been teetering on the decision to get this procedure done please look no further than Shay Alsaid; her professionalism, talent, and kindness have made its mark on myself as a client and person and I could not say enough AMAZING things about this woman she is truly beautiful inside and out.

Peace, love, brows. 

Have a grand week kids. 


Carlie Bradshaw

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