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To All The Boys I’ve Made Out with Before: Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2021

The first month of the year has come and gone and another Valentine’s day is on the horizon. Whether your celebrating the holiday of luv boo’d at home, or finding an outdoor covid-safe loco to share a meal with your hunny- (hand sany on deck ofc); this holiday is NOT cancelled. I’ve scrounged the internet high and low for 2021 Valentine’s day gifts for every boyfriend in your life, so you don’t have to. A box of Godiva chocolates and ‘good for one blowjob’ coupons are not cutting it this year and to be honest it never really did. 2021 is the year of stepping up our game starting- with our gift giving.

For The Bar Stars:

Whether your boyfriend is a retired frat star, a current frat star, or just someone who likes to drink, alcoholic accessories are always a good idea and something that he would 100% never buy for himself.

Bar Kit:

Bar kits are essential (perfect for new homeowners or apartment renters ;)) and are a super sleek and classy addition to any bar area. I love the stainless steel and wood combo and def bachelor pad approved.

Mixology Bartender Kit: 10-Piece Bar Tool Set – $49.99: Amazon

Cooler Backpack:

Although we aren’t going on too many adventures, a cooler backpack is super clutch for a picnic/park day date, summer boating, or outdoor COVID-friendly activities. It’s way more convenient and way more mature than carrying around a 24-pack of Bud Light on the shoulders- oof.

TOURIT Cooler Backpack – $36.99: Amazon

Ball Ice Maker:

Ice balls are super trendy lately and make drinking Whiskey with your boyfriend more amusing then it is icky. Plus, David Dobrik posted about them not that long ago so we stan. No guarantee that any man gets continued use out of this product beyond their first trial but the thought is there lol.

Whiskey Ice Ball Maker – $11.99: Amazon

Personalized Whiskey Set:

Okay love, love, LOVE this. I love personalized anything and this is the perfect gift for any Whiskey lover in your life (emphasis on the ~lover~). The box to hold it in, the customized glasses, and the stones are all a perfect set for any dude to gush over. Huge conversation piece if he keeps it out when company’s over and he’ll def think of you everytime he uses it. “Imma need some Whiskey glassessssss.”

Schaefer Personalized Whiskey Stones And 6 Oz Shot Glasses Gift Set – $59.95: Home Wet Bar

For The Tech Nerds:

Being at home 80% of the time lately calls for increased use of devices, gadgets, and gizmos. You can usually never go wrong with a tech gift especially for all my guys out there who are under the Corporate America umbrella. Nothing says I ❤ you on Valentine’s Day like tech accessories.

Tech Organizer:

Although a concept most men have yet to discover, organization is truly a great thing. This is the holy grail gift for any guy who notoriously asks “where’s my _____” and seems to leave their shit EVERYWHERE. Perfect for the kitchen, nightstand, or bathroom for easy access and use.

TESLYAR Wood Phone Docking Station – $56.80: Amazon

Blue Light Glasses:

If your boyfriend isn’t staring at a screen for 8 hours a day then lucky him I guess lol. I for one cannot go without my blue light glasses. Between having sensitive eyes, working 9-5 in front of a computer and then keeping this website up I am in front of or near a screen 99% of my days. I love the stylish look of these and how affordable they are. Bae will love your attention to detail and for curing their eye strain headaches for good.

ATTCL Unisex Blue Light Blocking Glasses – $17.98: Amazon

For The Musically Inclined:

We love an acoustic king. Perfect for any guy who always needs background noise, has a constant singing problem or just loves some good jams; a music themed gift is never a bad idea.


Any guy that doesn’t have a portable or at-home speaker is sketchy in my opinion. Getting ready? Turn on the speaker. Showering? Turn on the speaker. Cooking? Working? Working out? Entertaining friends? Turn on the mf speaker.

JBL Charge 4 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker – $179.95: Amazon
Marshall Uxbridge Voice With Amazon Alexa Bluetooth Speaker – $200: Urban Outfitters

Turn Table:

For all my DJ Wannabes, old school lovers, and people with taste, a turntable or record player is an amazing gift idea. This is a gift that keeps on giving because hello? Now you can add a new vinyl as a gift for every occasion going forward. Yeah I just covered their upcoming birthday, Christmas, and Hanukkah gifts from you- you’re very welcome.

Audio-Technica Stereo Turntable – $119: Amazon


Although I included the ever-popular basic Airpod- I am SO in to over the ear headphones. They are super stylish but lowkey at the same time and any guy would look super hot in them.

MH40 Over-Ear Headphones – $199: Master Dynamic
Apple Airpods Pro – $199: Amazon

For The HomeBody:

Considering we are all literally at home a cozy gift from you on Valentine’s day 2021 is very fitting. Whether you’re Netflix and chilling or just being vegetables in bed all day these gifts are perfect for any stay-at-home relationship.


Slippers are a must-have for any guy who lives in a nasty all guy college house, all my guys who haven’t learned to Swiffer Wet-Jet their new apartment, and for all the guys who have their life together and realize that men toes are not visually appealing and should be put away at all costs.

Men’s Wicked Good Moccasins – $79: L.L. Bean
UGG Ascot Leather Slipper – $119.95: Nordstrom

Streaming Device:

This is one of those gifts that is for him… but is really for you. Both streaming devices are equally good dependent on your preferences. Perfect gift right now especially because we’re all permanently glued to the couch 7 nights out of the week.

Fire TV Stick 4K streaming device – $49.99: Amazon
Apple TV HD – $149: Apple


Sweatpants and sweatshirts are a must right now. I don’t think I’ve put on a regular pair of pants in months and I’m equally as okay with it as I am scared…Get your guy a groutfit and let your stay-at-home-order-freak-flag fly.

Fleece Joggers – $59: Abercrombie
Champion Powerblend Retro Fleece Jogger – $26.64: Amazon
Perfect Popover Hoodie – $69: Abercrombie
Champion Reverse Weave Pullover Hoodie – $60: Nordstrom

For The Foodies:

If your boyfriend never stops fucking eating (and never gets fat) then these gifts are for him. Guys love convenience and that my friends is what I have for you here. The best way to a man’s heart is through his kitchen gadgets! …Or something like that.

Breakfast Sandwich Maker:

This is easily the coolest product on Amazon and for $24.99 your boyfriend can make a breakfast in one simple step. Guys are simple creatures and this is a simple gift- enough said.

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker – $24.99: Amazon

Air Fryer:

Oooooh the beloved Air Fryer. This device can make all your man’s meal prep, drunk food, and attempts at learning to cook dreams come true. Huge staple- great gift.

Ninja Air Fryer – $89.99 –Amazon

Miniature Indoor Fireplace:

We love fun gadgets like this one. Cutest little indoor fireplace for ambiance, roasting marshmallows, or some added warmth indoors (or out!).

Colsen Tabletop Rubbing Alcohol Fireplace – $74.99: Amazon

Ember Mug:

This mug is super cool and perfect for all the work oriented men out there who make coffee in the morning and are too busy to take a sip until 11 am. This mug keeps the contents inside super warm so they’ll never have to microwave another non-microwavable mug of yours ever again!

Ember Temperature Control 10 oz Smart Mug – $109.95: Amazon

Customized Tumbler:

Yeti’s are super inexpensive and quality gifts. I love the personalization they offer and they come in a ton of colors. Obviously do not copy my example below- no fucking guy wants a cup that says “bae”- don’t be lame.

Rambler 20 oz Tumbler Cup – $29.99: Yeti

For The Guy Who’s Personality Revolves Around Going To The Gym:

Ahh the gym rats. If your guy is a regular at the gym and owns a little too many sleeveless t-shirts then you’ll for sure be speaking his love language with these gifts.


I personally own this and can 100% say the Theragun is a lifesaver. I can’t tell you how many sore muscles of mine have been saved from this product. Great gift, 10/10, chef’s kiss. Theragun comes in a variety of sizes but the mini is a personal fave!

Theragun Mini – $199: Theragun

Workout Shoes:

I love shoes, I love getting shoes as gifts and I truly believe no one can ever have enough shoes- especially someone who frequents the gym. Adidas are affordable and amazing quality for working out in, obviously if your bae is a runner then step up your game for a more upgraded shoe but for a working out, Adidas is the way.

DURAMO SL Shoes – $65: Adidas

Workout Mask:

Since the world has gone to shit we all now have to wear a face covering… even while participating in vigorous exercise. Cotton/cloth face masks can get sweaty easy so treat your man to a workout/sweat proof mask for maximum comfort and productivity.

Face Covers (3-Pack) – $20: Adidas

Foam Roller:

If your boyfriend does not own a foam roller then please get on it. Foam rollers are essential for muscle recovery and a staple in my daily routine. Good news: they’re under $35 and come in sleek colors for any guy in your life.

TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller – $34.95: Amazon

For The Long Distance Warrior:

If you have a long distance relationship then first off: god bless you both. Long distance can be super hard even if its a few hours away. Below I’ve provided some cute options that say “hey I miss you” and “be my Valentine” all wrapped into one.

Long Distance Lamps:

Okay don’t come for me- I thought these were super cute. Kind of soft but also would be a really great way to connect no matter how far apart you are! These come in a set of two and would be so cute on a nightstand or dresser for easy viewing and maximum use.

Brookstone Friendship Lamp – Set Of 2 – $89.95: Urban Outfitters

Toiletry Bag:

Nothing says “stay awhile” than a bag to carry all your boyfriend’s hygienic needs. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- personalization makes a gift so much more meaningful and cool, he’ll never forget his own initials and never forget you- aw.

Personalized Tan Leather Toiletry Bag – $59.99: Personalization Mail

Weekender Bag:

Again really hinting at the whole “come see me and pack a bag” thing but this is cute right?! Love a good quality tote and to prove the point that men can also carry bags regardless of sexual orientation. This is manly, stylish, as well as convenient for any and all overnight endeavours.

Herschel Supply Co. Duffle Bag – $90: Nordstrom

For The Guy Who Has No Category (lol):

The items below are things I thought were super cute but didn’t really fit into any particular category. So- if you’ve reached this point in the post and still not finding what you’re looking for, maybe you’ll have a winner here. If not, you might be dating a doormat.

A Quirky Card:

I love a good sexual joke especially on V-Day. Nothing says I love you like a thank you card for orgasms.

Funny Card – $7.95: Amazon

Custom Socks:

These are a great gift for any clingy couple (and I mean that in the best way). These are hilarious and perfect for a cute Valentine’s day gift. They have a ton of other colors and designs and very affordable, perfect if this is a new relationship and you’re trying to keep it light.

Custom Face Socks – $15.95 : My Face Socks

Take Out Dice:

These are perfect if you’re an indecisive girlfriend. Now anytime you say “I dunno” when asked about dinner ideas you have a solution- you are welcome.

Takeout Dice – $25.78: Etsy

Leather Watch Box:

Last but not least- a watch box. This is perfect for any guy who loves his accessories and owns multiple watches. I can’t tell you how unnerving it is to see any guy whip a pristine metal watch into a nightstand or flung on a countertop. This is organized, classy and you guessed it: PERSONALIZED.

5 Slot Grant Leather Watch Box – $99: Pottery Barn

Well ladies and gentlemen, that concludes my V-Day gift guide for the dudes this year. Check back next week for the ladies! (or just send your boyfriend the link)

Happy Valentine’s day, Galentine’s day or Quaren-tine’s day to all my loyal followers. May your roses be long stem, your dinner be expensive, and your sex be steamy.

Until next week,


Carlie Bradshaw

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