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We’re All Assholes

Happy Monday Thotianas

Today we’re discussing a topic that some of you may or may not know about me. As crazy as it sounds, my group of friends-and by group of friends I mean my BEST friends, are people I not only went to high school with, but majority are people that I met in MIDDLE. SCHOOL. At 23/24ish years old we’ve somehow managed to hold up our relationships through going away to different colleges, meeting new friends, relationships, break-ups, moving, drama, and everything else in between.

Before you point your judgey fingers my way for still being close with my high school friends at the age of 23, I just want to say that I probably have more fun on the weekends than you ever will and I feel guilty that no one on this planet will ever have a cooler group of people to hang out with than I do. Not only does keeping high school connections into your twenties show that you’re incredible at keeping relationships, but the longer you know people, the closer you get and therefore the more fuckin’ fun you have as a group.

Our group is around 30ish people (we’ve grown throughout the years) but a sold 20ish of us have kept a group chat going since graduation. The names have varied throughout the years, but We’re All Assholes will always be the OG title in my heart. From trips out of the country, weekends at lake houses, cottages, air b n b’s, flights, skydiving together, annual white elephant parties, annual pool parties, party busses, endless sleepovers, pre-drinks, beer Olympics, and BBQ’s, these people have turned into more than just “my friends from home,” they’ve turned into my family.

If you are lucky enough to say your best friends have been your best friends for 10+ years then you know what I’m talking about, but if you don’t, I’ll tell you a little bit of what it’s like. It’s having someone to go out with every single weekend (except Drew he’s usually at his cousin’s grandma’s 2nd wedding so don’t ask him!!), it’s having to call ahead for reservations at restaurants because a walk-in of 30 people is frowned upon :/, it’s having a designated party planner who always makes sure things go smoothly with plans (cough cough Marisa cough cough Nicole. God bless them). It’s movie dates with your guy bffs (ily Bro Bro), it’s roasting the fuck out of one another on a daily basis and never letting anyone live down embarrassing photos, hook ups, or situations (Phil maybe you should stop puking in public). It’s making every holiday, birthday, or random Sunday a legitimate event and decorating for it (Alyssa and Katelyn lmfao). It’s having inside jokes that are so overkilled it makes you laugh harder because it’s so fucking stupid (Also everyone go wish my friend Tyler a VERY happy birthday). It’s having people who know your next move before you’re even going to make it and it’s having people there to hold your hand when your days fucking suck and there to hold your hair when your nights are dope as hell.

I could write 40 more blogs about how much these people mean to me but we aren’t a sappy ass group and I need to go to bed soon lol so I’ll leave it at this:

Thank you. Thank you for everything these past 10 years. Thank you for making me laugh until I’m in physical pain, and for being the most fun group of people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Thank you for proving that distance and time mean nothing when you love people, and I love you people. Thank you for the incredible childhood, teen-hood, and now adulthood. I cannot WAIT to see what degenerates we turn out to be in 10 more years, so until then, cheers to this group of people, I’m so incredibly blessed to know you.

To, Heather, Nicole, Marisa, Brittany, Tracey, Chris, Drew, Phil, Brendan, Zak, Adam, Scott, Geo, Mangan, Ty, Hailie, Evan, Austin, Halie, Neumann, Nina, Katelyn, Woj, Jordan, Madynski, Brennan, Cassie, and even fckin Seth: I LOVE YOU ASSHOLES

Until Wednesday,

Stay blonde, and stay better,

Carlie Bradshaw

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